Why Become A Member?

Rotary is a service club that lets you make a difference as part of the world’s largest family of givers. You will have many opportunities to assist a wide variety of local, national and international humanitarian causes that will touch the lives of people you will never meet.

These are two of the principal reasons why Rotary began. The ability to network with a cross section of leaders of other businesses and professions who help each other, and collectively help others, while promoting lasting friendships. The meetings give our members a place to share business information and potential leads.

International Connections
Rotary is a worldwide family. Every Rotary Club has a weekly meeting around the world, and Rotarians are able to join a meeting wherever they are. Our Rotarians have joined meetings in Los Angeles, Cambodia, Bangkok and Switzerland. We have had Visiting Rotarians from Germany, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Sweden and USA who have attended our meetings.

Rotary sponsors some of the world’s largest exchange and educational programs. Rotary clubs provide innovative training opportunities and mentoring for young leaders, and they involve family members in a wide range of social and service activities.

Rotary members are prominent individuals. They are leaders of the many businesses and professions that influence policy and help guide our communities.

Continuing Education
Your professional and personal knowledge will be enriched by expert speakers at weekly dinners. These speakers address a wide range of issues in our communities, nation, and world.

Personal Growth
Your personal development and people skills will grow when you get involved with other community leaders and like ideas.  Countless opportunities are available for you to lead, speak, motivate and learn from others when you get involved in Club /committees, projects, and meetings.

Cultural Awareness
Rotary International comprises more than 1.2 million Rotarians in almost all countries in the world. Your membership in Rotary Club of Yangon provides a unique opportunity to expand your global vision, contacts, and enrich lives globally. Fellow Rotarians are always welcomed as visitors at any Rotary Club meeting, anywhere around the world.

Who can become a member?

  • Please note that membership in our Rotary club is by invitation only.
  • Who can be a member:
    • Must be recommended by a current member of Rotary Club of Yangon
    • A prospective member must be a person of good character with a good business, professional, or community reputation and also be one of the following: 
      • A current or former professional, proprietor, executive, manager, or community leader
      • Committed to service with a record of personal involvement
      • A Rotary Foundation alumnus 
    • Rotary Club of Yangon is essentially for Myanmar nationals, but non-Myanmar citizens can be accepted as members if they have permanent residence in Myanmar, or working in the country permanently and are in a decision making position. 
    • Be committed to Rotary’s motto – Service Above Self

What are the responsibilities of membership?

Members are expected to attend weekly club meetings. They must pay annual dues to their clubs, their Rotary district, and Rotary International, and they’re expected to participate in local or international Rotary club activities or projects. Clubs encourage members to aspire to club leadership or committee roles. Attendance at the weekly meetings is an advantage as this is where business information is shared, collaborations are made, and friendships are formed.

An attendance record of 50 percent is required to remain an active Rotarian. Any missed meeting must be made up within 14 days before or after the regular meeting. To accommodate busy schedules, there are various opportunities to make up missed meetings. Please ask the Club Secretary for more details.

The enrollment fee is US$ 250, and annual fee of US$ 550.  Those attending a meeting will also need to pay US$ 25 for the meal. Part of Annual Fee includes the dues that the club is required to pay to the Rotary District and Rotary International. Rotary International uses the majority of the dues they receive to fund projects worldwide, and Myanmar may reap the benefit of the funds in the future in the form of project grants. Donations are welcomed by the Rotary Club of Yangon or to any of the projects that we support.

Membership Process

  • Individuals who are interested in membership should attend at least three meetings consecutively. This is so that you can learn more about us and we can get to know you.
  • If you do not know anyone to invite you, please contact the Club Secretary on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Those proposing Prospective Members should complete the Member Proposer Application Form and pass it to the Club Secretary at the meetings or send by email.
  • The Membership Committee will review the application and pass their decision to the Board.
  • The Board will approve or reject the candidate’s membership within 30 days.
  • Members are then informed of the decision.
  • Members are able to object to the candidate and have 7 days in which to do this. If they have an objection, it must be put in writing giving reasons for the objection. The Board will then vote on the matter at their next meeting.
  • If there is no objection, the Prospective Member is elected into the membership.